Glory Samurai

Brutal beat'em up starring Bruce Lee


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Glory Samurai is a beat’em up that lets you control Bruce Lee (or at least someone that really looks like him!) where you’ll have to face tons of enemies through the different settings. From the metro station, to the city, to the Gobi desert, Bruce Lee and you won’t get a break!

Glory Samurai’s controls are common for the genre: on the left side of the screen you’ll find the virtual ‘stick’ that lets you control your character and on the right side you’ll have the attack buttons (which are quite a few by the way). By combining attacks you can make spectacular ‘combos’ that will help you finish off your enemies.

Between levels you can equip your character with different objects such as armor pieces to mitigate damage from the punches thrown by your enemies…which again, will be quite a few.

Glory Samurai is a brutal action game that has a totally unique story and set of characters, plus, great visuals. Also, although there is a lot of advertisements in the game, it is totally free.

Android 2.3 or greater is required